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EAS-E Introduction Webinar with Dr. Ken Kim
& Joel Bennett

During this 40-minute webinar, Dr. Kenneth Kim and Joel Bennett introduce the new EAS-E models, which are now live on the EQIS platform.

The EAS-E model portfolios span the spectrum of investment philosophies - from strategic to tactical - and all allocations are scientifically engineered. The allocations, which are managed by EQIS, are rigorously and methodically derived, primarily based on academic theory and evidence, but also based on in-house scenario analysis, computerized mathematical simulations, and our own proprietary quantitative modeling.

EQIS Money Manager Spotlight Webinar

The EAS-E Income Models Deep Dive

WEDNEsday, august 16
10:30 AM PT | 1:30 pM ET

EQIS has created two NEW EAS-E Income Models - the EAS-E Strategic Income Model and the EAS-E Dynamic Distribution Strategy. Both are designed to provide income in the wealth accumulation and decumulation phases of your client’s investing lifecycle.

Please join us and learn more about the investment philosophy behind the new EAS-E Strategic Income Model, EAS-E Dynamic Distribution Strategy, and EQIS Smart Distributions.

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