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EAS-E Introduction Webinar with Dr. Ken Kim
& Joel Bennett

During this 40-minute webinar, Dr. Kenneth Kim and Joel Bennett introduce the new EAS-E models, which are now live on the EQIS platform.

The EAS-E model portfolios span the spectrum of investment philosophies - from strategic to tactical - and all allocations are scientifically engineered. The allocations, which are managed by EQIS, are rigorously and methodically derived, primarily based on academic theory and evidence, but also based on in-house scenario analysis, computerized mathematical simulations, and our own proprietary quantitative modeling.

FEBRUARY Money Manager Spotlight

Wednesday, FEBRUARY 22
10:30 AM Pacific
1:30 pM Eastern

Please join Joel T. Bennett, VP Business Strategy, on Wednesday, February 22 at 10:30 AM PT / 1:30 PM ET for the Monthly EQIS Money Manager Spotlight.

During this one-hour webinar we will be joined by Day Hagan Asset Management who will provide a model overview of services and a global macroeconomic update.

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2-22-2017 Money Manager Spotlight
• Day Hagen Asset Management

1-25-2017 Money Manager Spotlight
• Martin Investment Management, LLC
• Shell Capital Management

12-14-2016 Money Manager Spotlight
• Joel T. Bennett
• Kenneth A. Kim, PhD
• Broxton Capital Advisors
• Sterling Global Strategies

11-9-2016 Money Manager Spotlight
• Financial Trust
• SWAN Global Investments
• SignalPoint Asset Management

10-12-2016 Money Manager Spotlight
• EAS-E Dynamic Philosophies

8-17-2016 401(k) Corner
Company Retirement Plans in the Current Environment: What Every Plan Sponsor Should Know

8-10-2016 Money Manager Spotlight
• Atlas Capital Advisors
• Ativo International Strategy
• Crest Investment Partners

7-14-2016 Money Manager Spotlight
 SignalPoint Asset Management
 Horizon Investment Services
 SWAN Global Investments

6-9-2016 Money Manager Spotlight
 Navellier & Associates
 Financial Trust Asset Management
 Tradewinds Global Investors

5-25-2016 401(k) Corner
Advisor Do's, Don'ts, and Maybe's Under the New Fiduciary Rule

5-10-2016 Money Manager Spotlight
 ASSYMMETRY Global Tactical
 Camelot Portfolios
 EQIS Capital Management

4-20-2016 Money Manager Spotlight
• Lunt Capital Management
• Alpha Cubed Investments

3-9-2016 - Money Manager Spotlight
• Martin Investment Management
• Gaineswood Investment Management      Services
• Financial Trust Asset Management

2-24-2016 - EQIS Engagement

2-10-2016 - Money Manager Spotlight
• Navellier & Associates
• Signal Point Asset Management
• Alpha Capital Management

1-20-2016 EQIS Engagement

1-13-2016 - Money Manager Spotlight
• Sterling Global Strategies
SWAN Capital Management
• Broxton Capital Advisors

12-9-2015 2015 Year-End Review

11-18-2015 Money Manager Spotlight
• Tradewinds Global Investors
• Horizon Investment Services

11-4-2015 Modern Retirement
Planning Workshop
• MRPworkshop.com

10-21-2015 Market Outlook
• Dr. Kenneth A. Kim, PhD

10-21-2015 Money Manager Spotlight
• Symmetry Partners

9-23-2015 - Money Manager Spotlight
• Green Alpha
• HIP Investor
• Swan Global Investments

8-26-2015 - Money Manager Spotlight
• Broxton Capital Advisors

8-19-2015 - Money Manager Spotlight
• Financial Trust Asset Management
• Dr. Kenneth A. Kim, PhD

7-22-2015 - Money Manager Spotlight
• SignalPoint Asset Management
• Toews Corporation
• Dr. Kenneth A. Kim, PhD

6-17-2015 - Money Manager Spotlight
• Shell Capital Management, LLC
• Price Asset Management

5-20-2015 - Money Manager Spotlight
• Redmond Asset Management, LLC
• Triboro Investment Management, LLC
• Wilshire Associates

5-6-2015 - EQIS and
Dr. Kenneth Kim presents the
Mutual Fund Stress Test

4-22-2015 - EQIS Money Manager Spotlight and Market Outlook
• Alpha Investment Management
• Sterling Global Strategies
• SWAN Global Investments

3-18-2015 - Money Manager Spotlight
• Broxton Capital Advisors
• iSectors, LLC
• Dearborn Partners, LLC

2-18-2015 - Money Manager Spotlight
• Gaineswood Investment
   Management, Inc.
• Navellier & Associates
• Toews Corporation

1-28-2015 - Money Manager Spotlight
• Windward Capital Management Co.
• Martin Investment Management, LLC

1-28-2015 - Economic Outlook

12-16-2014 - Money Manager Spotlight
• Alpha Investment Management, Inc.

12-9-2014 - Mutual Funds Exposed