Turnkey Asset Management Platform

You can provide separately managed account portfolios customized to your clients’ goals

Technology has changed the way we do just about everything. Now technology is changing the way we invest. For decades, wealthy individuals, family offices, endowments, and pension plans have typically gravitated toward separately managed accounts (SMAs) due to their many advantages over mutual funds and other pooled retail investment vehicles. EQIS delivers access to institutional money managers and directly owned securities in SMAs with an account minimum of only $25,000. Advantages include but are not limited to:

Customized asset allocations are designed to match your clients’ risk tolerance and life objectives
Our risk tolerance questionnaire collects information necessary to help develop a robust, customized portfolio engineered to match to your clients’ needs, goals, and desires. Advisers can even further customize allocations based on their intimate knowledge of their clients.

Broad diversification
You can diversify a single account across many dimensions, including asset class, company size, value/growth stocks, geographic regions, emerging/developed markets, strategic/tactical investment philosophies, dividend rate, and others to help increase risk-adjusted return. *

Institutional style money managers
You can deliver confidence and save time knowing money managers have all survived our stringent analyses of their methodologies, management, and return versus their benchmarks.

Direct ownership of equity assets
You can provide a directly owned, globally diversified portfolio of equities allocated across North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.


Socially responsible investing
You can appeal to investors’ consciences by offering to exclude individual companies, industries, and entire sectors at no additional charge. If, for example, your client doesn’t want to invest in cigarette companies, no problem. Investors can also reject specific equities based on purely financial considerations or any other criteria.

Dynamic monitoring and rebalancing
Accounts are monitored and rebalanced as necessary to help assure a continued match between their established objectives and investments.

You and your clients can see every directly owned security and every trade made by the money managers. Even our fees are transparent.

Tax efficiency
When investing in bundled products such as mutual funds, embedded capital gains are a common problem. When equities are directly owned, embedded capital gains can’t occur and individualized tax lot harvesting can even reduce taxes (1).


1. Bergstresser, D. (2002). Do after-tax returns affect mutual fund inflows? Journal of Financial Economics, 63, 381-414.

*There can be specific risks associated with an investment in each of these specific asset categories. International investments involve special risks, including political and economic uncertainty, currency fluctuations, and different accounting practices. Please talk with your financial professional to discuss if these asset categories might be appropriate for your risk tolerance and goals