EAS-E Dynamic Formula Models

Emphasizing tactical money management

 The EAS-E Dynamic Formula models emphasize tactical money management. There is no universal and precise definition of this investment philosophy, but it can be broadly defined as active portfolio management, where the asset allocation is adjusted dynamically based on the predictions of investment managers. For example, some tactical managers may invest in certain industries, asset types, or regions depending on market cycles, time of year, and economic conditions. Other tactical managers may simply have a policy of going to cash when they anticipate a market-downturn.

Typically, tactical money managers have two goals: actively identify and capture attractive risk-adjusted returns and actively avoid being in markets prior to major declines.

The EAS-E Dynamic Formula models are offered in three unique variations:

  • Dynamic Strategic Tilt

  • Dynamic Sector Tilt

  • Dynamic Tactical Tilt

The asset allocation of the EAS-E Dynamic Strategic Tilt is mostly actively managed but has a strategic domestic core that is diversified across equity styles.  The EAS-E Dynamic Sector Tilt has industry sectors carefully chosen by EQIS and the EAS-E Dynamic Tactical Tilt is predominantly tactically managed.  

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