EAS-E Strategic Formula Models

The EAS-E Strategic Formula Models emphasize strategic money management, which typically involves the manager setting target investment weights and then rebalancing back to them if market movement causes excessive divergence. The EAS-E Strategic Formula models are also available with portions tactically managed. Tacticians typically trade more actively than strategists.

 The EAS-E Strategic Formula Models are broadly diversified, but are also rigorously and methodically derived. The Strategic Formula models contain a domestic core that is diversified across equity styles, an international allocation, non-traditional assets (e.g., real estate and commodities), and a variety of fixed income categories. This kind of broad diversification can help investors secure good risk-adjusted returns in the long-run.*

The EAS-E Strategic Formula models are offered in three variations:

  • Strategic 100

  • Strategic 85

  • Strategic 65

 The EAS-E Strategic 100 asset allocation has no tactical management.  Conversely, the EAS-E Strategic 85 has 15% of its assets managed tactically and similarly the EAS-E  Strategic 65 has 35% of its assets managed tactically by money managers.


*EQIS may make allocation and manager changes to the model portfolios from time to time.


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