Investment Proposal Software

You can grow your business faster by proving your value to prospective clients

You can create an attractive investment proposal with a personalized asset allocation in under 5 minutes.

Graphically demonstrate the value you can provide by comparing and contrasting what an investor currently owns with your recommendations in an analytical and credible presentation that can be easily understood by your client.

You only have to enter information one time, because both the proposal generation system and One-Ap account opening paperwork access the same data, which can save you keystrokes and help prevent errors. The One-Ap can be easily emailed for e-signature or printed and signed. Your sales and account opening process can be dramatically streamlined with our sophisticated yet user-friendly technology and enthusiastic adviser support.


Show how you can improve your new client’s:

  • Risk adjusted return

  • Historical performance

  • Diversification

  • Forecasted performance

  • Expected drawdown

  • And much more