EAS-E Models

EQIS Allocations Scientifically Engineered

Our investment approach helps you choose the portfolio that complements your clients’ investing style and stay up-to-date. 

In the ever-changing market environment, investors need a contemporary approach to asset allocation and portfolio construction. To manage these turbulent conditions, EQIS has developed its EAS-E models.

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The EAS-E models span the spectrum of investment philosophies - from strategic to tactical - and all allocations are scientifically engineered. The allocations, which are managed by EQIS, are rigorously and methodically derived, primarily based on academic theory and evidence, but also based on in-house scenario analysis, computerized mathematical simulations, and our own proprietary quantitative modeling.


These pre-built, EQIS managed models could help you:

  • Increase your practice efficiency with easy-to-use professional asset management,

  • Save time so you can focus on your client relationships,

  • Prevent clients from emotional investing with scientifically engineered portfolios,

  • Serve clients at all life stages with portfolios made for both accumulation and distribution modes,

  • Help clients of all sizes and tolerances because the portfolios are built to be client-centric, and

  • Potentially provide clients with better returns and lower risk because the portfolios are comprised of institutional style investments

*EQIS may make allocation and manager changes to the model portfolios from time to time.


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