EAS-E ETF Models

EQIS Allocations Scientifically Engineered (EAS-E)

With ever-changing investment and economic conditions, creating and allocating an investment portfolio can be challenging.

Asset class selection, optimization, modeling, allocation, rebalancing, and due diligence take considerable time and expertise. Furthermore, with well over 3000 individual ETFs to choose from, selecting one ETF over another requires practiced due diligence.

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The EQIS EAS-E ETF Models have been created for investors seeking a straightforward solution to their portfolio needs while taking advantage of ETFs’ tax-efficiency and lower cost.

EAS-E ETF Models are each built to address a unique investment goal, supported by a professional investment team and a sophisticated risk-management process. Whether your risk tolerance is conservative, aggressive or somewhere in-between, a model can be selected to suit your needs.


These pre-built, EQIS managed models could help you:

  • Increase your practice efficiency with easy-to-use professional asset management,

  • Save time so you can focus on your client relationships,

  • Prevent clients from emotional investing with scientifically engineered portfolios,

  • Serve clients at all life stages with portfolios made for both accumulation and distribution modes,

  • Help clients of all sizes and tolerances because the portfolios are built to be client-centric, and

  • Potentially provide clients with better returns and lower risk because the portfolios are comprised of institutional style investments

*EQIS may make allocation and manager changes to the model portfolios from time to time.


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