Provide your employees customization and options that can protect you from liability.

The Eqis Capital 401k provides an excellent alternative for sponsors, participants and advisors.

Participants can benefit from:

  1. Personal investment policy statement
  2. Customized asset allocation
  3. Investments in an exchange traded fund (ETF), separately managed account (SMA) or unified managed account (UMA) portfolio.

Sponsors can benefit from:

  1. Eqis Capital accepts the fiduciary responsibility (3(38)) for the appropriateness of the participants' asset allocation and investments.
  2. Sponsors can benefit from knowing that clients are paying low rates for money management.

Advisors can benefit from:

  1. An exciting value proposition for sponsors and participants.
  2. Offering sponsors the choice of providing SMAs, ETFs, or both to participants.
  3. Highly automated, email/Internet based, paperless participant sign up process.